The Current Sate of the Dwarf City-States

This report has been compiled as per your majesty’s instructions to help provide information on the current standing of the Dwarf City-States. The news coming from the Dwarfs is most shocking considering their history of rivalry among the different Herr’s and the backstabbing that has become cliche in descriptions of their political process. This new Alliance of Eisen as it is being called, has the potential to shake up the Dwarf realm not seen in many years.

At the heart of the Alliance are the city-states of Adler and Treffen. Herr Mansfeld of Treffen is one of the most powerful of the Dwarf lords. Treffen is a wealthy city as it serves as the gateway to the Dwarfs. All Elvish and the majority of Human goods must travel through the city, making Herr Mansfeld a wealthy Dwarf. Their territory is quite large and being based out of the Schloss Mountains makes them seen by the older houses as a minor player.

Herr Adler is the latest in a long line of Dwarf lords who have ruled the city of Adler. They trace their history back to the birth of the Dwarfs and they have ruled their city since time in memorium. As the oldest house, they hold great respect among all Dwarfs. They are at the moment in a precarious situation as they have expended vast resources to recapture the great city of Eisen from Herr Biron of Berggipfel. The war between Berggipfel and Adler has been costly to both and a truce was only called due to the financial strain on both.

Herr Adler, desiring new allies to shore his borders, and Herr Mansfeld to gain more power, called the meeting of Dwarf lords to discuss the issue of the Stone Wardens. As your majesty is aware, the Stein Meister Kirk Holtzman, gathered an army of Stone Wardens and marched to relive the city of Handel from the siege the Elves had placed on it during the Third Elf War. His actions saved the city from falling into Elvish hands and helped keep valuable Elvish troops from marching west against your armies. The problem is that Herr Mansfeld, who as you also know supported the Elvish invasion, believes that the Stone Wardens violated the Hesse Accord.

The Hesse Accord was signed by the Dwarf lords and the Stein Meister after the Stone Wardens, who were viewed by the Dwarf lords as potential enemies at the time, repelled the Orcs from their lands after their defeat at the hands of Rodrigo I ‘the Orc-Slayer’. The Hesse Accord set out the rules for the Stone Wardens to operate in Dwarfish society as a force to protect all Dwarfs and not get involved in the political machinations of the Dwarf lords. As such they were given land on the east side of Drachen Lake to found a city and sustain themselves.

Many Dwarf lords have in the past sought to revoke the Hesse Accord, but none have found enough backing to do so. It appears that that has changed. Herr Mansfeld argues that the Stone Wardens had violated the Accord by marching to aid Handel, a city under Arcadian control. Lord Holtzman states that the city may be under Arcadian rule, but it is still a Dwarf city. Herr Adler, most likely seeking to acquire land or being bought by Herr Mansfeld, agrees with them. Herr Biron opposes them, though most likely due to his hatred of Herr Adler.

Herr Holbein of Greifstadt, and Herr Welf of Welf are supporting the Alliance. Herr Holbein has seen his rival Herr Reginar of Reginar grow in power after his successful war against Angeln and the capture of the city. He has most likely been bribed to join. Herr Welf had fought with Herr Adler in the war against Herr Biron and lost much of his land, reducing his power. He is seeking revenge without a doubt.

Herr Este of Este and Herr Seinsheim of Eisburg and leaning towards supporting the Alliance, and need just a small push to go over. While Herr Hesse of Hesse and Herr Reginar have already declared their neutrality. Herr Hesse also lost land like Herr Welf but has no desire to see more taken, While Herr Reginar is busy trying to pacify his newest conquest of Angeln. It has been twenty years since the conquest and the unrest in the city over the occupation has only grown.

The actions of the Alliance has yet to be seen, but the Stone Wardens are in a dangerous position. Their only ally in Herr Biron most likely won’t act if the Alliance declares war as he is too weak and outnumbered. The Stone Wardens may attempt to renegotiate a new accord, but Herr Mansfeld is demanding blood. He was the most important trading partner of Arcadia as it was through him and his city that most of our goods went. It is common knowledge that long before the Third Elf War he was upset with the trade deal and wanted to renegotiate. He also continued the old claim his house has over Handel which was liberated by Arcadia from Elvish control in the Second Elf War.

It is most likely that the grudge against Arcadia for not relinquishing control of the city to his forebears, and the fact the Stone Wardens allowed the city to remain under our control that has helped push his support of the Elves. With their defeat, he knows that we will want to renegotiate a trade deal, though more in our benefit than his after the treachery we experienced. By turning on the Stone Wardens, who aided us in the war, he is trying to prove his strength to us, and the other Dwarf lords that he is not a push over.

While Herr Mansfeld is pushing for the disbanding of the Hesse Accord, I don’t believe the other Dwarf lords in the Alliance are. As such a war may be fought, but if the Stone Wardens sue for peace terms and a renegotiation of the Accord, I believe Herr Adler and the others will over power Treffen. The Alliance though has the potential to be the largest in Dwarf history, and the likes of which has not been seen since before the breakup of the Empire of Stein.

With this report, as your adviser I would say that Arcadia should maintain neutral stance in the war. Condemn such acts but not interfere. To do so would potentially jeopardize our relationship with all the other Dwarf lords. If we are to unite the peoples of Cartref against the coming threat, we do not need to have the Dwarf lords hating us. I would suggest that Sir Victor Cabrera be alerted to the situation in Handel. We do not want him rushing to help the Stone Wardens without your expressed order. He is like you, honour bound and duty driven. He may feel the need to help those who helped him. Iago Reyes. 


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